Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir of Faith Moravian Church of the Nation’s Capital has been the main music provider for the church, since its charter in May 1985.

Under the leadership of the Choir Director Carlota McCormack, the choir sings a variety of music that reflect the rich diverse heritage of the our congregation; traditional Moravian Anthems, Gospel music, and songs from the Caribbean and Central America.


Christian Education

We believe God calls each of us to continue to learn more about our faith and to develop our relationship with Jesus Christ. We recognize the value of  education and, to that end, provide opportunities for our members and  visitors to learn more about our faith.  We encourage you to explore the opportunities we provide -  including: Nursery-Elementary School, Middle School, Senior High and Adult classes.

Liturgical Dance

Faith Liturgical Dance Group was established in 2005 with members of our Youth Fellowship. Under the leadership of Sis. Cecile White, they have perform at worship services, concerts, and the Moravian Western Region Youth Rally.

The group was named in honor of Miriam, the first woman mentioned in the Bible who played the tambourine and led a group of women to dance and sing while praising God. (Exodus 15: 20-21).

Men's Gospel Choir

The Men of Faith Gospel Chorus love the Lord. Their goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their music.  The group was established in 2003 under the leadership of Bro. Donald Morant (deceased), is led by Mr. Carlos Hunter, the group's Organist and Music Director.


Pans of Faith

The Pans of Faith (Steel Band) was established on January 14, 2006. Under the leadership of Sis. Audrey Waite, the Pans have been able to bless us with their melodic tunes during worship service, anniversary concerts, and other special events.

Stewardship Committee

It is our  sacred responsibility and genuine opportunity to be faithful stewards of all that God has entrusted to us; our time, talent and our financial resources. We view all life as a sacred trust to be used wisely.


Sunday School

Sunday School is a vital ministry of our congregation. Our focus in Sunday School here at Faith are:

1) To develop a sound understanding of God’s word
2) To apply Biblical concepts to their everyday lives, and
3) To strengthen their faith in Christ and in turn emulate Christ in everyday living.

Women's Fellowship

​​The Women’s Fellowship of Faith are part of Moravian Women world-wide. They promote Christian fellowship among women of our congregation. The Women's Fellowship  invites all women of the congregation to be members; and aids in the spiritual, social and outreach work of the church. It supports families that are in need with food and other hospitality.

Youth Fellowship

Faith’s young people are an integral part of our church family. We have always been blessed with vibrant, energetic, young people, many of whom we have watched from babies to the time they graduate High School and go off to College; and from College to the “Real World.”